I have made a Amazon wish list. it is now live on the site. Everything from computer stuff to remmy-meggsmusic and clothing and shoes. Not that I wear much clothing but sometimes I do go to the doctor. Lucky me, two outfits a year is about all I need. I would like to talk about the clothing because it can get a little confusing. I wear USA boy size 14 pants (they don’t make size 13), slim but regulars are fine. I do not wear jeans or long pants unless it is winter.

As for shirts, you will see a giant size change, there are two reasons for that. The first reason is I hate wearing shirts so I want them VERY loose. The second reason is I want them to look sexy and not show off my bones! Shoes are shoes the ones I chose on the site fit me, I have had the same brand before. Everything else is music or computer related (I play the piano and I know how to play guitar I just do not have one.)

If you have questions about my list feel free to ask in the comments section, I will answer you. – Remmy


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3 Thoughts on “Wish List added to site

  1. Yes, I was going to send you something from your Wish List, but I couldn’t because I didn’t know/couldn’t get your address. Why people won’t donate to your book is weird; I don’t understand.

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