Who really is the boss? Dogs or humans?

Who really is the boss?
Dogs or humans?

For centuries people have argued who the boss really is in a dog-human relationship.  Naturally as humans we think we are the boss, after all aren’t we? Well, yes we are, but that is only if you can’t talk to your dog. Many of us can, and after awhile we can tell what they want or what they are thinking by how they act, look, or sound.

Is that a good thing? Well of course it is, that means you are closer to your animal than most people. Your dog takes care of you and you take care of it. As for the others, the dog or human will never know what they are missing.

That can lead to problems, when your dog feels neglected, you are going to get the look, or worse a reaction. When dogs know you understand them they take on a new perspective, and yes they can be bossy, yet we know that you as a good parent will soothe and comfort your dog into love… right?

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2 Thoughts on “Who really is the boss?

  1. I have never owned a dog but I can imagine they are the boss and not the owner.

  2. Ohh, the ankle biters they have nowadays!!!! I came back from a 2 mile run a few days ago, and on the last bit this loaf-of-bread sized dog came chasing after me! I said, Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope!!! And ran like crazy….at the end of 2 miles. -.- I had considered that it was about the size of my foot, buuuuut, I thought I could get back to my house before I fully tired out.

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