Does anyone besides mom think I am cute?

Does anyone besides mom think I am cute?

Growing up I always wondered if anyone besides my mom… and my grandmother thought I was cute. They were always saying how cute my cousins were. I never thought my cousins were cute, boys or girls, so I didn’t know what they were judging cuteness on I suppose. Whether it was play time, pool time or bath time, or getting ready for a social gathering, the word always came up.

It was confusing since it wasn’t used on a regular basis. I did wonder if other boys and girls were thinking the same thing. How is cute measured? For that matter how is handsome, or beautiful measured?


It has to do with a person’s perception of another person. For instance I think jewelry punched into your skin makes someone look horrible, and I feel the same about tattoos… yes Aaron Carter and Justin Bieber I am looking right at you, two perfect examples of what I thought was cute, ripped apart by an ice pick and crayons. I could name hundreds more but that got your attention. Whether you agree with me or not is not the point, it is your perception of what cute is, not mine.

So I came up with this little picture and want to know what you think!

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4 Thoughts on “What is Cute?

  1. Personally, I equate “cute” with “innocence”. Kids, up to a certain age (13? 14?) and puppies (some people also include kittens) are “cute” until they hit puberty. You are also correct in the fact that I also do not find piercings and tattoos “cute”. I especially do not care for tattoos of my favorite artist, Salvador Dali, but that a subject for a different forum.

  2. Cute is hard to describe, I suppose everybody has a different perception of cuteness but to me it’s definitely NOT a cat!. I have to agree piercings and tattoos are a no-no as well.

  3. That would be 4 for no piercings/tattoos. If Paul doesn’t think a cat is cute (How about a kitten? Those are surely cute!) then I take it that I am the only one which thinks Mammoth Donkey’s are cute.

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