sunsuit_002Sun suits should not be construed as short shorts. I have scoured the net for years and cannot find any boys wearing sun suits between 1985 through 2003, yet they were there.

I guess originally from the 1970’s boys began wearing what I call athletic shorts because they were cool and comfortable, as everyday summer wear. They however have a “V” shape at the thigh and were not very dressy, they were more like an afterthought, yet millions of boys wore them.

Athletic shorts were way too vulgar in my opinion. You had to wear underwear with them, which of course defeated the freedom that you were seeking.

The legs were wide and if a boy sat down you could see things you did not want to see, unless you were a girl, I suppose. At some point boys began wearing cutoff jeans and t-shirts, albeit to save money or their mom’s liked how they looked. Either way they were not dressy, it was more like they were showing off whatever they thought they had.


Girls suddenly started wearing the Athletic shorts and soon after the cut offs. I am sorry to say their thick legs and wide hips did not do anything for their reputation, and the shorts looked horrible on them, and still do – for most girls anyway. I was not old enough to remember exactly when this started.

There are clothes that girls can wear that make them look beautiful, they should have stayed away from the boy’s styles, and they should continue staying away from boy’s styles no matter how sexy they think they look. In all honesty boy’s styles were not and are not meant for girls.

It was sometime in the spring of 1996 that my mom took me shopping. She did not like to take me shopping, but she wanted summer clothes for me. She would shop at Macy’s and Sears, but only if she had too. After all, at the time Sears and JC Penny were the “discount” stores as she called them. Of course Walmart and Kmart would be the new discount stores USA wide.

She stopped and looked at a mannequin of a six-year-old boy. I was only half paying attention as most six-year olds do. She asked if I liked it. “Mom what I want with a doll taller than me?”

She gave me one of those weird mom looks and said, “Not the doll, the clothes it is wearing.”

Oh come on, I already knew that if she liked something she was going to make me wear it no matter what I said. I looked it over and I sure was not a connoisseur of clothing. “Fine.” at least it was red and black, whatever it was.

A saleslady showed mom where these outfits were at. And just like most moms, she went into the dressing room with me to make sure I put everything on right.

What I did not understand at the time, is that this was a new design by some super designer in Europe. All I saw was shorts and a freaky looking t-shirt. But there was more to it. It had swim trunks and it had a lightweight jacket and what I can guess was a polyester short sleeve shirt with micro/mesh fish net chest and abdomen that hung loose. A complete outfit for someone my size.

The sleeves were solid across the neck and part of the back and about ¼ of the way down my chest, the rest was micro/mesh fish net. This was to protect your little boy from the sun. The swim trunks were solid in the front and back but had micro/mesh fish net sides. The shorts were short shorts, but a touch longer than the swim trunks. Except for the micro/mesh fish net the other colors were contrasting, black/red, blue/black, turquoise/black and the list goes on.  These were not meant to be sexy, everything was covered appropriately. The clothing could be worn at the beach or to any function and look adorable.

My mom bought these for me until I was fourteen, then suddenly they disappeared from stores all over the country. How do I know that? Because she looked, my dad was a sales trainer for Hilton hotels so we not only traveled all over America, we traveled a lot to Europe, Spain Italy and probably places I will never remember, actually I do not remember most of it. I was too young. We were not rich, the hotel chain paid for those trips.

A few trips to water parks in the Phoenix area made these clothes famous.

They also seem to have disappeared from the internet and the world. Dress up swimming outfits, how could they get rid of something so awesome to be replaced by whatever have now? I know they sold a lot of them at one time, almost every boy in a school I attended in Michigan was wearing them, but mostly in the Southwest.

I can still fit into some of those outfits, but I have added cargo shorts to my list. The short ones, not the knee long ones, but to this day I still wear loose shirts.

If you have any information or photos of these Sun Suits, please drop me a line, I would like to put them on this page.

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6 Thoughts on “What I remember of sun suits 1990- 2003

  1. pauly10 on June 11, 2016 at 7:16 am said:

    The only thing I have seen similar are the ones made by surf companies (Quiksiver, Animal etc.) and they are designed purely for the beach.

  2. Remmy2013 on June 11, 2016 at 10:01 pm said:

    I still don’t have pictures of these outfits, but an email I received said not only did they remember them, but the four piece outfit was so expensive, most mothers could not afford them, but the writer added, “They truly were for boys on the go, and made the boys that wore them cuter than needed.”

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  4. Mel Leach on January 13, 2017 at 4:27 pm said:

    Fishnet???? Isn’t that just for hookers and fishermen?

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