Unboxing a MSI Nvidia Ventus 2060 review

 With the 20+ series of Nvidia Graphics cards out, Paul had no choice but to buy a new card, The 2060 Ventus is what he decided to buy, watch the unboxing and get the grit on this new card 

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2 thoughts on “Unboxing a MSI Nvidia Ventus 2060 review

  1. PaulM

    My old card failed which is why I needed a new card, but I was already considering updating due to the age of my AMD R9 280. One thing that I wasn’t expecting was the new RTX only requires 8-pin power and not the 8+6 required by the AMD so clearly it consumes less power which is impressive.
    It was a choice between this or the GTX 1660Ti but the RTX is a newer chip so swung it that way. Plus it can do ray-tracing which I thought would be cool 🙂

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