Treasure Island Book Cover Treasure Island
Robert Louis Stevenson
Action Adventure
Public Domain

I am happy I learned to read. It goes without saying, like many children I almost did not get the chance to learn, yet I did, and I learned to spell and write. Because of that maybe, I am a published author. Yet I wonder what caused that. Tonight I read a book. Not just any book. A book from my childhood. I remember I was seven to thirteen when my Uncle visited us. We lived in hotels and luckily my Uncle traveled the world. I do not think he came to see his brother or my mother. To this day I think he came to see me. He always had a book with him. He would read the book to me, knowing that I could not read.

One book I remember well was Robert Stevenson’s Treasure Island. I read that book tonight and what an adventure it was. As I read though, the same exact story, I realized that my uncle did not read exactly what the book said, he used his own words so that I could understand the book.

Did I say I have a grand uncle? Well I do. I did spend most of the time not reading, but looking up words that I was not familiar with, and on top of that some strange English spelling of other words that I promptly teased Paul about. Then came the English sayings, that when Paul says them, they make no sense, and in the book they did not make sense. It must be an English thing.

Yet the book was enjoyable, I learned from it, I got to re-experience childhood dreams of adventure. Of course when you dream of adventures, no matter how deadly they are you of course survive. Not so in real life. However as my uncle says, β€œEach day is an adventure, and you fail to see it.” I believe he is right about that, it all depends on what point of view you are taking.

Unlike most writers I write from dreams. I can go months without them, but usually they show up every couple of weeks, then I write them down, and stick it in a book. Unlike dreams you and I normally have, I can tell a book dream is different, because I am not in the dream, I am watching it.

Later in life I learned to read and write and even learned a little math, which I cannot stand because I must point out that 0x1=1 no matter what teachers say because you still have the ONE. Math is flawed. So is reading and writing, but like with math, we all do the best we can.

So basically I became an author because my uncle read to me every chance he got. I hope you pick up a book tonight and start reading, you have no idea what you are missing! – Remmy Meggs November 2015



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3 Thoughts on “Treasure Island Revisited

  1. I have read all my life and thoroughly enjoy the stories. My mom says that I learned to read by looking at comic books. We used to have to go to the grocery store when mom went. We would stop at the magazine section and sit on the floor looking and/or reading comic books until she finished shopping.

    Of course reading does have some disadvantages. There have been times that I just couldn’t put the book down and stayed up most of the night finishing. The next day at work when that happens is never good. That is one thing that I don’t like about serial stories, is the wait between chapters. I have finally got to where with most authors that wait until they have completed the story before I start.

    That doesn’t work with some authors, as they don’t know when to quit or how to break a story into multiple books. One story I follow is “The Society Boys” and it is into what should be book 3 or 4. My favorite genre for the past several years is Gay Fiction and Gay Romance.

  2. pauly10 on March 16, 2016 at 3:29 pm said:

    0 x 0 = 0
    1 x 1 = 1
    Therefore 1 x 0 must = 0 πŸ˜›

    But, being able to read opens up a whole new world of adventure and a movie based on a book can only tell a story how one person interpreted the original. Sometimes they do a good job but other times reading the book would be far more enjoyable.
    And yes, I know I don’t read printed books that much πŸ˜‰

    • Remmy2013 on March 17, 2016 at 11:40 am said:

      My dearest friend, you just pointed out the error in mathematics that I have been fussing about with you for years. There is NO such thing as 0x anything! and two ones make 2 not 1. Logic my dear physics major. Logic. Use it and YOU could change the world! Even Spock was backward. I am not. LOGIC says just because you are taught something does not make it right.

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