I tell you what.

Oops sorry, I am not from Texas. I have over 300 posts on this site and the number grows each week. In the past I have made a few posts about myself. Oddly I get the feeling that some people took them seriously, when in fact I was trying to get a joke about life, out to the public. After all if we can’t laugh at ourselves and friends what do we have left?

Seems those people thought I was either whining or had a bad day. Not even close. Life is an adventure as I have said many times, and each day you have adventures even if you do not see them as such, after all life is your adventure.

Or as my famous quote says:


Okay that is pretty serious but it is something most of us fail to realize each day. So enough of serious stuff. Let us look at long term happiness, and it starts right here, right now, with you!



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4 Thoughts on “Time to get seriously funny

  1. pauly10 on April 28, 2016 at 10:44 am said:

    I don’t get the bit about Texas…
    …but cool post and yes it is definitely an adventure!

  2. Steven F on April 29, 2016 at 2:49 pm said:

    As we discussed earlier, I will try to look more on Life as an adventure (now that the term has been defined) from now on.

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