monkeyA writer and even blog writers have a thankless job. Did you know that Changes alone has had over 6,000+ readers since I first put it online in 2010? Surprisingly to me, Grapes of Rome, a much newer novel has had even more than that. Each of those had about 60 posts when they were first introduced, but now that they have permanent pages, notta. Especially when they have been rewritten and edited to make the books so much more readable.

But that is not really want to write about today. I want to write about you. I have to admit, it didn’t start out that way. Paul (my BFF since we were 12) and I, watched a couple of episodes of The Walking Dead, then we played Sins of a Solar Empire. We then took a nap because he gets really fussy is he doesn’t get one. When we woke up we watched Tremors 3 – a cult classic that we love. Except there was something I had forgotten about that old movie, unreal. The Ass Blasters! Who could forget the ass blasters? Well let’s face it – it IS an old movie, I probably saw it when I was 12 years old.

That reminded me of Paul farting. Paul farts a lot, and I have to worry about him because he is so accident prone like many of my friends. To see how accident prone he is you can read this short clip

Now imagine Paul, or your best friend sitting on that ledge and farting. Oh my gosh, it would be heartbreaking. So I worry about Paul and all my readers because I know that you too are full of explosive gasses.

Paul is scary. One day several of us were talking and I said did you see that Harry Potter guy? HE IS SO HAIRY.

Two others I was talking to said “Yea isn’t he?” Paul said words to the effect: What do you mean he is hairy? I looked at Paul… it clicked that for him to say that Paul had to be hairier. Now I have to admit at that time I saw Paul just as I met him, a hairless 13-year-old. Come on, we were growing up, but it never occurred to me he would grow hair, because of my health I wasn’t growing hair in weird places, so why should he? But he was, so in my mind Paul became my Neanderthal Man. I have several posts about the car he bought, his family background etc, all fabricated as a joke of course, but it is on this blog. I found one special video of him, his first time with a mirror. I love that video

Now this is where we come to you my dear friends. For those that comment and like my stuff, I salute you, even if I don’t care for what you say sometimes, as I writer and blogger I appreciate your comments more than you can imagine. But this site gets 20-100 views a day, so someone is not providing feedback.

This video was to show another side of Paul, my Neanderthal. Yet before I even posted it I thought of all the readers on this blog have never clicked like, never commented, never said anything at all about my books, that I know are read more than anything else. So I asked myself why don’t they? Then as if by magic, the answer came to me. you must have died happy. So this post it to you, my silent majority fans.


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3 Thoughts on “Thinking about YOU today!

  1. See comment under Pauly looks in mirror.

  2. Oh you are so funny today 😛

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