Every once in awhile I make a post about strange foods across the world. Such as China’s ‘Cat on a stick‘ here in the USA we are told they use chicken.WE ARE TOLD are the key words. My favorite place to pick on, is England in all their glory.

Before Paul has told us about spotted dick (see fig.1) They call it a dessert, however if you look close at English desserts, you will find that most all of them have meat in them… yea I know, now onward. My friend Steven Fritchie on facebook posted a peculiar photo the other day (see fig.2). I could not believe my eyes! I have found that from the time little English people are born they have a fascination with dick! I mean all of them! Don’t forget the BBQ sauce!

What is nice as that you can find Spotted Dick and Thin Penis in your meat department in England, I won’t name store names, but you can find them. Do not blame me for incorrect information on this article, blame the English and their dumb spelling! Here are the two figures:

Penis and Dick, apparently two English Favorites!

Penis and Dick, apparently two English Favorites!

I won’t even go into Soggy Biscuit, or Limp Biscuit as it is called in the United States, but look it up! Yes the name Limp Bizkit was derived from that adolescent game!


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5 Thoughts on “The things they eat in England

  1. You’re welcome!:-)

  2. I have seen spotty dicks but never a wafer thin one 🙂

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