stones-1This is not a cut on the Band the Rolling Stones, but I am going to punk them, so read it with the love you have for the band. The band actually started in 1962 and band member Ian Stewart was already an old 25! Bill Wyman was a really old 27!  They were sure not upstarts like the boy band The Beatles, these were seasoned performers. Even though their music was for a younger generation they tried to stay young as they could by keeping in the pop culture of drugs and sex, which may have worked for them, but not the majority of their listeners.

No one understood how big lips front man Mick Jagger kept the girls so enthralled, even the girls look back and say Oh My god I liked that old fart?!? Well yes it seems they did. The already old man  had his pick of one night stands throughout most of his career. They had so many hits it is hard to tell which was liked the most, Angie, Jumpin Jack Flash, As tears go by, Time is on my side, Satisfaction,  Play with fire, Get off my cloud, 19th Nervous breakdown, Paint it Black, Ruby Tuesday, Honky Tonk Woman,  Wild Horses, You Can’t Always get what you want, just to name a few. I won’t go into their releases after they turned 50.

All great songs… but I wonder. That wonder made me write this article, now with most of the band in their seventies and lets applaud them for still being able to get on stage, what would a Stones concert sound/look like now?

Well they look like prunes albeit from all the drugs, and I guess they sound pretty good, even if word has it that they are playing recorded music. Come on now they are seventy, do they still jump around the stages like they did with Jumping Jack Flash, no? I wonder why. How would that look with those old guys jumping up and kicking their heels, dang when they hit the ground they would break!

Playing a song like Time is on my Side, after all these years has to take on a different meaning to them, WHAT time? you are living on borrowed time as it is!stones-2

The song Satisfaction, I can’t get no satisfaction, and I tried and I tried. At 70 years old you might try a lot but you never gonna get satisfaction dear band members.

Angie . . . The song by the Eagles, Hotel California strangely sounds to much like Angie. Mick Jagger dumping a beautiful girl for no apparent reason. Let me tell you something Mick, give me all your money you don’t need it. Then go out and try and get a beautiful girl at your age. Give me a break, you learned nothing in all those years?

Oddly to me Jumpin Jack flash would have made no more sense to me back then than it does now but to each his own. You see, if you get a chance to see The Rolling stones in Concert you better hurry. On the good side, all of the Rolling Stones fans will have the music the rest of their lives. Congrats on following one of the greatest bands of the late 1900s!

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2 Thoughts on “The Rolling Stones Punked!

  1. pauly10 on May 14, 2016 at 6:10 am said:

    Lots of thumbs up, I doubt any of them would be from their fans though 😉

  2. Steven F on May 14, 2016 at 5:30 pm said:

    Wrong, Pauly. I like the Stones, but only up to a point. That point being their last good album “Some Girls”. Until Mick Jagger becomes bed-ridden then they will probably milk their fame for all its worth. 🙂

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