I can’t say much about the love of a brother. I can only share what I have seen. Not having siblings hurts in many ways, but then I am happy to be an only child.

Growing up I watched my cousins. The little brother was always looked after, the older brother always his protector. Then again, only the older brother could touch the younger brother…. sometimes with devastating results, but 30 minutes later they were thick like glue. I can understand that even though it puzzles me.

I sometimes wonder what it would have been like to have an older or younger brother, not so much a sister, but when I see others a pang of jealousy enters and I think how lucky they are to have someone to share with growing up. Do you have any good memories of your older or younger brothers?


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One Thought on “The Love of A Brother

  1. Brothers are great when they don’t bother you 🙂

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