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To me writing is fun, it is an outlet that I do not get from any human. My BFF would rather just sit and look at the walls than talk or have me talk. My mom will always within the first two minutes of me saying something will say words to the effect ‘can’t you be quiet for once?’ Now that I live alone in a disabled person apartment…. Um which is really not my idea of fun since I am the youngest in the complex as well as the shortest. We don’t have a pool either, not that I could use one. Poor Pitiful me right? No, not at all.

I have my writing. And I spend a lot of time on it. I look over the net to see what might interest my readers, and of course if I find something that tickles me, then I write about it and post.


There I go off on a tangent again. Writing is awesome. You write what you want and hope people like it. For instance Grapes of Italy has had over 12,000 readers. Of course the book is free, chances are most of them would not have bought it, but at a whopping 167,000+ words it was truly a novel in league with Stephen King, George Martin, Samuel Richardson, Ann Rand, and many others. I thought those were novels and most of their works were over 1000 pages in one book (there are many other authors that have multi sets, but I am referring to one book) Almost all publishers want the book to be 80,000 words. Dang I can write 80,000 words in a few days, of course it might not make sense but I have to ask, so that is a novel? So my books, 300-700 pages didn’t seem very large to me. Publishers say they are too big, not one publisher but several.


Redundancy. I love horses, and in Grapes of Italy I talk about the white stallion Mars a lot. Horses have personalities, everything Mars did in the book actually happened with me and my horse, I am referring to the antics here. My thought was to give readers a clear idea of what Mars was like, actually what horses are like, I had to go into some detail… wrong again, I am told that is redundant. ‘A horse is a horse’.

Well if you believe the western movie accounts of horses, then yea Mars is angelic. Western movies or books do not portray horses as they really are, too much fluff for that. So the owner just rides them around. Now in Zorro and a few other movies they do show the horses with personality, but I am a new author, so what I know or think doesn’t matter, in my case, ‘write for the people’ I am told. Well gosh I thought I was.


Sex…. Oh my gosh, since all of my books deal with ten to eighteen year olds it is illegal in the United States to write about sex in a Young adult book. Now in most cases I only hinted at that. I was told, ‘you think readers are stupid? It has to go.’ Ouch, well most of us realize that kids start playing with themselves when they are born, it’s one of the first things they find. In my humble opinion God knew that we would be lonely, since he wasn’t Santa Clause, he actually gave each of us a plaything to be born with and die with, something that would last our entire lives. Yes God gave you that toy! Regardless of my opinion even my hinting at sex is against the law.


Read the details of publishing with small and large publishers they will all tell you the same thing, yet they will allow foul language, even sexual language in the book because that is the way ‘things are’. Well just a minute. Now that did get me upset. Foul language is okay because that is the way things are… foul language is learned from foul adults. Yet sex or masturbation can’t be talked about because it is natural. What kind of crap is that?

Let me continue with this. I am not saying this for sympathy, I am saying it because I believe most of the bullying suicides are caused by foul language. In my case, I am just a tad under 5 foot tall, my biggest weight recorded was 95 pounds (not sure what that is in stones which by the way is funny cause who is going to hunt up a bunch of stones and weigh them against stones to see if the weight matches – oh the English) So for Paully’s sake, he is 185 pounds, or five stones. That is three big stones and one medium stone and 2 small stones… Oh for heaven sake get with the program United Kingdom!

I was bullied, bullied beyond belief, so I know what kids are going through. Pushed around, shoved, tearing your clothes, thrown in the trash, and I can list a thousand things about bullying. It won’t make a difference because you are not going to stop your kids or relatives from doing it, or find out if your kid is being bullied and stop that from happening either.

What hurt worse was the name calling. Foul words, hurtful words that made me want to die. From the f-word to being gay, and every hurtful word you can imagine, that hurt worse than the physical punishment… but I have to say that can be just as bad. So my campaign is not to use foul dirty words in my books. I have found them unnecessary and they count as words so that makes a good book a foul one. Think of it this way, “Each time you say a bad word of any kind some kid dies.” What you have to understand about bullying is that it is done out of hate, so therefore it is a hate crime.

The point is, in my opinion foul language is more hurtful than kids. Boys with boys, or boys with girls or girls with girls, if done in taste, is a lot better for kids than foul language.


My books are violent no doubt, but in each case of violence it makes sense. The bad guys go out of their way to hurt people. The good guys come in, way too late of course, but one way or the other, the score is even. Back to bullying… that is where it starts and it ends in world wars. My violence always has to do with war or threat of war in all my books, even on a small battle, atrocities are commented. My books do not have rape, sexual torture or any of that “adult content”.

One publisher told me I am under the bar, because my violence is done at the right time and place. Not so with many authors. Another told me that they didn’t even notice the violence because the book was that good, yet another person just told me last night he doesn’t remember that much violence in the book. It is really confusing at times.


When a book comes to an end, an author dreams up a dozen alternatives, during the writing, during the editing and after it is published. Let’s look at the ‘movie versions’ of writing. Did you ever get the idea that you saw that ending in another movie? Good guy, bad guy. At the end they confront each other. Big fight, bad guy loses. He is going to jail and pops off with “I will get out of this, and I will be right back at it.” Good guy kills him.

Just in the last few weeks I have seen that a dozen times. I don’t have endings like that for a reason. First of all there is good and bad in all of us. What we may allow in one scenario, may not be the same in a few years in a similar scenario. That is life.

What bad guy is going to say something like that? He wants to live, okay take me to jail. Ever notice how the good guy is so good he gives the bad guy a weapon? To me that is just bad writing. Or how about when they are fighting and the bad guy goes for a gun on the floor (or the good guy for that matter) Freak out, just shoot each other stop playing stupid.


Realism is found in books, not so much movies.

For instance in Rome youths twelve and older served in the Army, they were either bought or were homeless and enlisted. Yet in the movies you do not see that. You see these strong macho guys that are in their 30’s or 40’s, all good looking and almost perfection. In reality the officers in Rome were older Generals under 40 years of age, or 12-16 year old officers. The kids died by the thousands. Understand no one will go see a movie where thousands of kids are dying, well except for me of course. I still want to see a dinosaur munch down a kid (remember dinosaurs do not exist anymore so don’t tell me I am a bad person). The girls and guys that see that movie want to see their favorite stars beat up the bad guys… oh well.



I am not sure how other books are edited. From what I have seen, authors spend thousands of dollars to get their book edited and it still isn’t right. Robert Heinlein did that. I found a major error in one of his print books. A publisher told me that is done sometimes on purpose. I call bull on that one, no author or publisher would want a second rate product on purpose.

For poor authors like me, we rely on our readers for input, and our friends to find mistakes. For instance Grapes has been edited by several different people, but only one has edited it over and over looking for those errors, and we still find errors. A hat’s off to Pauly10 for sticking with my writing and his editing these last 14 years.

So I was told I need fresh eyes on it. Which means paying someone to read it and hopefully they find the rest of the errors, or someone that will do it for free for whatever reason and hope they actually look at it… Or, still spending thousands of dollars that I will never have to have a perfectionist do it, and let’s face it, you don’t really know how well they do until someone says ‘Oh you need an editor’. Either way it is enough to make you cry.

My uncle has several novels, I know for a fact that he paid at least two editors for editing each book, yet I look at his Amazon pages and I still see, “This book is good but could use an editor.” What the heck?


You have this great novel, people love it (so they say) it has been edited over and over. So now you send it out to publishers (which by the way costs more than self publishing). Rejection after rejection. No problem we will self-publish. Let me explain something, unless a big Hollywood director gets a hold of your book (and completely changes it) you will not get famous.

Still you keep writing, you don’t stop until you die. Maybe you will get famous like Edgar Allan Poe did. After you are dead.

The End

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4 Thoughts on “The Good the Bad and the Ugly of Writing

  1. Great post, but you needed an editor 😛

  2. Remmy2013 on August 16, 2015 at 6:23 am said:

    :p well I got you!

  3. One of your better posts, with lots of good information. I do a lot of reading and have thought occasionally about writing but don’t think it will ever happen. I can’t figure out how writers come up with ideas.

    I am beta reading a book for an author, kind of like editing. I quickly realized that you read entirely differently when doing this. You are reading looking for problems and isn’t as enjoyable as reading for pleasure. Perhaps editors should read for pleasure, then the occasional error just jumps at you like “that is the wrong name”, causing you to reread the paragraph just to make sure you didn’t miss something. It is rare for me to read a book without noticing at least one error.

    So to pauly10, keep up the good work.

    PS. Better to be alive than famous and dead.

    • Remmy2013 on August 16, 2015 at 9:11 am said:

      Thank you James for your input. Very insightful, maybe read the book first, then make the beta changes? I just spoke with Mel, who is beta reading my book as soon as Paul is finished. Mel will tear it apart and put it back together, that I am sure of. My mind cannot comprehend that, but my heart says DO IT NOW! I think Grapes of Rome is fine as it was before taking out the playthings I had, but alas I would like to go to print, and to do that I need it put back together to make sense, when you take 60K words out of a book, there will be many things that do not seem to make sense.

      As far as ideas. Paul and my mom, my teachers and everyone else I know says my imagination is rampant (okay Paul those weren’t your words but basically the same I am talking in general terms!)

      My ideas, actually whole books come from my dreams, and things in real life that have actually happened. Paul dreams sometimes but rarely remembers what he dreamed (not dreamt – dreamt is not a word) about, I on the other hand have full color, long dreams and normally I remember everything.

      Now after I have had that dream, I put myself in it, usually not as a main character, and start writing. Funny thing is, that the dreams continue, and so does the story.

      – Remmy

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