Let’s face it, I am not the kind of person that you want owning a gun. I am not mean, I am afraid of everything. So having a gun would mean I would accidentally shoot myself or someone else. Imagine the nightmares I have when I sleep and compound that into daily living, someone would get hurt. I do have a pellet rifle, but alas it takes so long to load, the earth diggers I wanted it for are long gone by the time I am ready. I do believe people have a right to own and bare arms. They have a right to protect themselves and their family, although most end up dead or their family dies, because they shouldn’t have owned a gun either… how do you tell anyway?


Ruger gun company just came out with a new gun. I wanted to share this new concept with you. This thing is awesome looking, and people will back down. It looks powerful so no one will stand up to it. But then again, we are all afraid, that is why our country is in the shape it is.


Ruger - Congressman

Ruger – Congressman

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