5th waveWow I just finished reading several horrible reviews of The 5th Wave, not the kind that tell you the story, but the kind that tell you whether the movie is good or not. They didn’t seem to think it was very good. Based on what they said I probably won’t think it is very good either, but when I do my review, you can bet I saw it first.

The first question is why didn’t they think it was good? A) Female boy crazy teen as the lead (Oh my goodness another Katness) B) Divergent, Hunger games, and now this is too much. Oh come on trilogies in movies that could have been finished in less than one movie? We are not talking Tolkien here people! C)  New title, New character names, New location, What gives here? They are upset with the film for varied reasons, but it seems they are more upset with the books, and those slosh books being made into movies, Twilight comes to mind here.

I can only say that when you read my novel Changes, due out n April, it does not read like anything you have read recently. Yea there are certain things you have to include in a dystonia, utopia book, namely the end of the world. In The Stand, it was the flu, and although we have a lot of alien dystopia stuff going on, mostly it is human stuff causing it all, Divergent, Hunger Games. But the plot seems to be the same on all of them and the endings, well you have to wait until movie three to find out the ending, Blah! Just read the books and forget going to the theater. It probably isn’t worth it anyway. Not to mention Television shows in recent years based on the same thing, Including USA’s Colony.

I on the other hand will go see it, after all the aliens have a little boy and he needs to be saved, let’s forget the millions of little boys and girls they already killed and devote all our efforts to this one. and of course the heroine, who just days before worried about her nails and final test is now a super soldier like. . .  KateNess, wow bet you didn’t see that coming. Naw I will see it because of the pretty girl(s) all movies have pretty girls right? And they all have these cute boys so girls will go see the movie too? Right, that is why most of us are going to see it. Now throw in the aliens and special effects, popcorn Hershey Bar and and Cherry Coke, we will be set for 106 minutes of heartbreaking, movie. And imagine we get to see three movies before we get to the end, I can’t remember how many were in Harry Potter but talk about overload!

After I see it, I am sure I will give it a better review, after all I am not an old codger that doesn’t like teen stuff. See you at the theater!


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2 Thoughts on “The 5th Wave w/ Trailer

  1. pauly10 on March 12, 2016 at 4:07 pm said:

    A movie that shows the destruction of London’s Tower Bridge, those aliens better look out the Brits will really be pissed…. 😉
    But, that looks so like many other movies that are released, i hope your real review shows that their is something a little bit more original in this one.

  2. Meh. I wasn’t impressed with the trailer. Each “wave” reminded me of a different movie.

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