I saw this on facebook and thought I would share it with a ‘larger’ audience. You wouldn’t believe, or maybe you would it is so bad I have to take my electric wheelchair now, and that takes a special van that I Electric carthave to pay for. Then these fat people come up and say gosh you have a nice chair. I say well if your doctor says you qualify for one you get it free…. their answer has always been – ‘He won’t he says I need to walk more.’ – or some other excuse. So I can’t ride with my caregiver for free, I have to pay to ride because of these people. Don’t think it is always women, men take the carts as well. And don’t blast me by saying “Well maybe they have other conditions you can’t see!” Let me tell you, if they have the conditions, their doctor will get them a wheelchair, so there is no excuse. They should hide in shame instead of approaching me. Wish I would have come up with this one

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2 Thoughts on “Talking about fat asses on facebook?

  1. Yeah, that happens here as well.
    Also, with the so called DISABLED (you probably call it something else) parking spaces. I understand that some people have conditions you can’t see (such as C…..) but others abuse it. The ones that are designated drivers and use it even when their disabled passenger is not even in the car…just lazy people…ARRGGHH!!

    Remmy: Pauly10 is from England.

  2. Keith Farrell on May 5, 2015 at 1:50 pm said:

    I totally agree with you. If you are disabled you get an aid. Be it a wheel chair or a walker in my case. My doctors still tell me to try walking without my walker as much as possible. Which I do for short distances.
    Today I was at one of the colleges. I had taken a friend for a interview. I stayed watching the people. I was so surprised at how many young people, I would describe as obese. I’m big, but although I’m classified as obese, I am no where near as fat as some I saw. I do have a problem with exercise. But I keep trying

    Remmy: Keith is from UK

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