SPIDERS: For the last two years many sites have posted what started as a joke, to be factual. In actuality they are all false reports, including the photographs of them. It was used to get you to go to their website, similar to all the other fake posts going on all over the world. It Read More →

Everything is sacred in a spider’s life. Did you know that spiders love human interaction? They are afraid of humans however, so getting near one tests their willpower. Like ganging up on humans who are sound asleep and attack en mass , then run like hell when the human wakes up. Ever wake up feeling Read More →

  Scientists say the average person swallows 7 spiders per year while they are asleep (I did not make this up in 2015 they are now denying it cause you couldn’t sleep too well) The point is when you are sleeping all sorts of critters can crawl over your face and body. Some of you Read More →

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