I thought all night on this, I couldn’t sleep for the life of me. Why did God give spiders eight legs, most insects six legs, most animals four or more legs but man only got two legs and two arms, ok, that could count as four I suppose, but the arms and hands and feet, Read More →

For centuries people have argued who the boss really is in a dog-human relationship.  Naturally as humans we think we are the boss, after all aren’t we? Well, yes we are, but that is only if you can’t talk to your dog. Many of us can, and after awhile we can tell what they want Read More →

I love doggies. I hope you do too. I am sure you have many stories to tell about your doggie, or doggies that have passed. Precious they are in our hearts. I am sure you noticed though, that sometimes  doggies can get an attitude. For instance they start running around the house like they lost Read More →

How many times has your dog shown you real love? how many times has he or she just wanted to touch you? Your dog just wants to be with you. I hope you share this maybe the people next door that feed and water their outside pets will get the idea, there is more to Read More →