Copyright © RWP Books ISBN-13: 978-1534647572 ISBN-10: 1534647570 Library of Congress Catalog Number: 2016944529 When you are raised in a house that looks brand new, it never occurs to you that the graveyard in the back, and the house itself are over one hundred years old. It never occurs to you how many children have Read More →

We all wonder if anyone likes us. It doesn’t matter if you are cute or handsome, beautiful or plain. Everyone – I mean EVERYONE feels inadequate all their lives. Remember how you feel when talking to others. Make them feel good about themselves. Maybe someone will read this and pass it on to you. +165

Growing up I always wondered if anyone besides my mom… and my grandmother thought I was cute. They were always saying how cute my cousins were. I never thought my cousins were cute, boys or girls, so I didn’t know what they were judging cuteness on I suppose. Whether it was play time, pool time Read More →