The Young Scientists Club – The World Of Germs Science Kit


Your child can discover the hidden world of germs, bacteria and more with this The Young Scientists Club The Magic School Bus World of Germs WH-925-1123 science kit that features assorted experiments for hands-on learning.



Starter set for young scientistsLets your child explore the scientific properties of germs, bacteria and fungi.

Bacteria experimentsInclude growing bacteria, cultivating bacteria in yogurt and more.

Fungi experimentsInclude growing fungi, making a fungus bubble, waking up fungi and more.

Additional experimentsInclude testing and exploring antibiotics, using yeast to inflate a balloon and more, so your child can engage in imaginative, critical thought.

Encourages your child to follow instructionsAs well as build problem-solving skills for educational fun.

Suitable for children ages 5 and olderSo you can have fun learning with your child.


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