About RMS

Remmy Meggs Studios actually began in 2002 when I was writing a book called Changes. When the book began selling, people asked for mugs, and clothing as well as other things to go along with the book. Because of finances, I had to decline. In 2013 when all the effort I put in my books began to pay off, I looked again at the possibilities. In 2015 I had the books for sale on the website as well as other outlets.

In 2017 the book sales grew, and my videos, although not famous were doing well. At that point in time I was spending my money on lighting, and a decent camera. In 2017 things became good, and I opened up a Mug shop featuring the covers of the books. I started a Patreon/remmymeggs page, and from there Remmy Meggs Studio evolved, and is growing weekly.

Welcome to Remmy Meggs Studios, thank you for supporting my books. Without you none of this would be possible.