Steven’s review of Back to School

The French comedy Back to School (Le Classe Grande) was released on August 30, 2019. Ludovik Day and Jerome Niel are two friends from grade school who decide to go to a school reunion, mostly to show up the bullies who tormented them as children. Due to a mixup, everyone thinks that Johnathon Pinon (Niel) is Johnathon Lopez, the school’s head bully.

The acting was good even if some of the story line was a bit predictable. The story did have a twist to it at the end. The director was also good. The French have a bizarre sense of humor but it had familiar elements to it. This was dubbed in English for the most part, i.e. a scene with a French song had subtitles. There was a bit of swearing and drinking in the film but it didn’t really distract from the film.

If this were the first movie about reunions that I had ever seen, I probably would have given this 4 stars. The storyline was a bit predictable, but there were some good funny scenes. I give this 3 stars out of 5. BTW, I could not find a trailer for this movie in English, only in French. Watch it if you want to.

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2 thoughts on “Steven’s review of Back to School

  1. Remmy Meggs

    I fell asleep halfway through this. Although the acting was passable, and the French humor beyond me, the last half made me fall asleep. Is that good or bad? I can’t tell, but what I watched was fun, and even a little melodramatic. 3 stars from me!

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