StevenF Review of Zombie Tidal Wave

The made-for-TV movie Zombie Tidal Wave was released on August 17, 2019. Ian Zierling plays a fisherman at a resort town that is hit by an earthquake and a tsunami. These events cause a sunken ship’s cargo of a deadly virus to create a horde of zombies.

The photography was good and the movie has all of the elements of a cult movie. Decent acting is marred by a terrible script. With lines like, “It’s a zombie tsunami!” what can you expect? The film was predictable, the CGI was ridiculous, and the dialogue was trite. For this type of movie there was plenty of bloody scenes and some gore.

The most positive thing I can say about this film is that I am glad I didn’t pay good money to see it. If zombies and gore are your thing, you will probably like this film. The best I can give it is 1 star out of 5.

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