StevenF Review of War Machine

The film War Machine was released on May 26, 2017. It is a fictionalized account of an idiosyncratic general (Brad Pitt) who is determined to find a way to end the war in Afghanistan. His plans are opposed by allies and politicians because they just want out of the fighting in order to look good. Some of his troops question his methods. The only ones who seem to back him are the people in his entourage.

For some reason, I expected this film to have more battle scenes than it did. About the first ten minutes of the film dealt with introducing the characters in the general’s entourage. The movie had its slightly funny moments but, overall, the story tended to be uneven and slow paced. The actors did a good job and the photography was excellent. The film was basically a parody about the tenure of General McChrystal in his 2009 attempt to get our troops out of the war. About 30% of the film dwelt on the civilian aspects of war, i.e. politicians, media, alliances. This may have given the audience a taste of what goes on behind the scenes of war, but it also tended to be boring. This was, in my opinion, supposed to be a war movie, not a political dissertation.

I have to take off a star for the unevenness of the script. The foul language was realistic to the characters, so I will ignore that. It loses another star for the “boredom factor”. I rate this 3 stars out of 5.

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