From what little I have read War for the Planet of the Apes is the final installment of this series.  I am happy to say that it is full of action and tension.  Andy Serkis returns as Cesar, the leader of a band of apes who are camped outside the forest of San Francisco.  The bad guy in this, The Colonel is played by Woody Harrelson. His mission, as he sees it, is to wipe out all of the apes.

The story line moves along very nicely and the photography is very well done. The CGI effects are also very good. Without giving anything away, I have to comment that there are not many speaking roles in this movie. There are quite a few subtitles, however, which are used when the apes who cannot speak human communicate with each other. There are some new characters. One of these is “Bad Ape” (Steve Zahn) who once lived in a zoo. He provides a bit of comic relief but he is also very sympathetic.

Maurice (Karin Konoval), Cesar’s orangutang adviser, is played well and portrays the peacemaker of the group convincingly. General Koba from the second installment makes occasional appearances, but only as a reminder to Cesar when he feels guilty about something.  By the end of the film, the audience sees how Cesar became the revered leader of all apes as portrayed in the original Planet of the Apes movies.

All things considered, I give this film 5 stars out of 5. The only thing that annoyed me was the recap of the previous two films. The print was so small.

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2 Thoughts on “StevenF Review of War for the Planet of the Apes

  1. Remmy2013 on November 1, 2017 at 2:36 pm said:

    I watched this, but it took me two weeks to decides how I felt about it. Man has been nearly wiped out in Los Angeles California, USA. The environment has changed to nearly blizzard conditions in that area. The Los Angeles Apes have been living peacefully in the cold forests.

    While the resistance vs. the United States soldiers, one man and his resistance fighters want to wipe out the Apes once and for all. I wondered if I would side with him, and I probably would. First realize that this is not a global conflict ‘Planet of the apes’ but we can assume this is going on worldwide over several hundred years.

    The final conflict is actually man vs man, leaving only the apes to rule (remember this is Los Angeles County USA only, which leads me to believe this happened about 300 years ago – JOKE). Many questions are answered in this movie, leaving still a few unanswered things, but the majority are covered with zeal. As far as acting, really now, with all that makeup you can’t tell if they are acting or not. On the human side, Woody Harrelson plays himself well. The movie didn’t specify how the apes went from Los Angeles CA to New York, but it did hint at it.

    I am sure that they could come up with sequels to this, the apes taking control of major cities, over a period of time. I hope they do not. Enough of this already. Please Ape followers, stay out of Arizona and New Mexico.

  2. pauly10 on November 2, 2017 at 12:14 pm said:

    I thought the movie was good with some good effects. I was a little confused in some parts as I think I may have missed one of the movies somewhere? The last I remember was when the Ceaser went into the trees, this movie shows him with a son.
    The story was good and the ending does leave it open for another movie.

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