StevenF Review of Triple Frontier

This film was released on March 13, 2019. Triple Frontier is about five former Special Forces members who plan to take out a South American drug lord (Reynaldo Gallegos) and steal his money. Ben Affleck is Tom, a struggling real estate agent, who is reluctant to get involved but is persuaded by Santiago (Oscar Isaac).

There were quite a few positive things that I could mention about this movie. The actors were very good as well as the CGI. I think that the director did a decent job. The only thing I didn’t care for about the film was the editing. The film was 2 hours and 5 minutes long. The pacing was slow scene, action scene, slow scene, etc. This caused me to start to lose interest in the film. In fact, after the first hour, I felt they could have ended the movie.

Since the characters were ex-military men, I wasn’t surprised by the excessive use of foul language. There were some scenes with blood, but there were no gory scenes. As I said, this isn’t bad enough to classify it under “Bad Movie”, but it is definitely not 5 star material. I give it 3 stars out of 5.

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3 thoughts on “StevenF Review of Triple Frontier

  1. Remmy Meggs

    I thought this movie was boring from the beginning. It gave a look at each of the five guys, which at first glance was in depth, but it was not enough for what followed, and the way they presented it was slow. The action was so-so, and the adventure just wasn’t there. These were ‘pros’ and it just didn’t jive.

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