StevenF Review of The Last Castle

The film The Last Castle was released on October 19, 2001. It stars Robert Redford as General Irwin who has been court marshaled for disobeying an executive order. He is sentenced to a military prison which is run by an autocratic warden played by James Gandolfini. The basic premise of the film revolves around a power struggle between the two men.

A couple of notable mentions are Mark Ruffalo who plays a bookie and Delroy Lindo as a friend of Irwin’s. The acting was excellent, as could be expected from these actors, and the action scenes were good. The movie started out a bit slow but eventually picked up. It was rated R for language and violence which I didn’t totally agree with. The director did a good job and the story was interesting.

I think that this film had enough positives in it to outweigh the negatives. As a veteran, I found the military angle to be believable. I did think that 2 hours for this film was a little too long. I recommend it, but I probably wouldn’t add it to my collection. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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2 thoughts on “StevenF Review of The Last Castle

  1. Remmy

    I do miss James Gandolfini, who played the warden in this movie. It gives us another side of Gandolfini that the Sopranos couldn’t touch. Everything was running smoothly for the castle until this Redford fella shows up as the ‘good’ guy.

    I was impressed with all the acting, but the filming was excellent considering all you had was grey walls to shoot. I am not casting a vote for or against the warden, in my opinion, if you are in prison you better expect it to be rough. I give the movie 4 out of 5 even though it is not one I will ever watch again, still, it is a good movie.

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