StevenF Review of The Hollow Point

This film was released on December 16, 2016. A new sheriff (Patrick Wilson) comes to a small town in Arizona near the Mexican border. He replaces the former sheriff(Ian McShane) who is under investigation. There is some ammunition smuggling going on which brings a lot of suspects the sheriff has to investigate.

This also had Jim Belushi as a shady car dealer and John Leguizamo as a hit man for the Mexican cartel. The actors all did a great job portraying their characters and the story was very interesting. The only thing wrong with this film was the pacing. There was a lot of gunfire and blood, but it seemed to take a while to get to those scenes. The film was 1 hour and 37 minutes long yet it felt more like a twohour saga.

I did like the movie and would recommend to others, but I would warn them that it could be slow at times. I give this 4 stars out of 5.

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2 thoughts on “StevenF Review of The Hollow Point

  1. Remmy Meggs

    The old west with modern guns. Although the characters were not the old west type of good guys and bad guys. Actually, some looked like they belonged in a carnival, and I don’t mean Carnival cruises. I liked the movie but the main character could have been someone else.

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