StevenF Review of The Hard Way

The film The Hard Way was released on March 3, 2019. Michael Jai White stars as Payne, a former Special Ops man. When his brother is killed in Romania, he travels there for his funeral. While in Bucharest he meets his brother’s partner Mason (Luke Goss). Together they go after the killers, even though forbidden by Mason’s boss Briggs (Randy Couture).

There was plenty of action and the fight scenes were good. The director made some interesting choices when it came down to filming. The opening scenes were shot in b/w and melded into color. I suppose this was a style similar to what is done with plays, when the curtain closes at the end of a scene. Mr. White and Goss were very good in portraying their characters. There was no nudity which made me glad. There was, however, a bit too much foul language for my taste.

I realize that in action films, foul language is to be expected. I guess the writer(s) thinks it makes the hero more macho appearing. It doesn’t really; its lazy writing. Due to the language and some weak story lines, I give this 3 stars out of 5. It is a decent action film, after all.

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