StevenF Review of The Boondock Saints

The film The Boondock Saints was released on November 19, 1999. It is rated R for violence and language. The story involves two Irish brothers in Boston who end up becoming vigilantes against mobsters. The brothers are played by Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus. A member of the FBI, Paul Smecker is played by Willem Dafoe. His job is to discover who is killing these people.

I must state that I can not say anything negative about this film. The acting and directing were all fantastic. I love Willem Dafoe’s quirky portrayal of FBI agent Smecker. Comedian Billy Connelly makes an appearance as a mysterious hit man who is hired by one of the Dons. The director gives the movie a Tarentino-ish like quality and keeps the action moving at a great pace. Some scenes I found to have some subtle humor, but for the main part there were plenty of bloody scenes. As an interesting sideline, while the credits are rolling, you hear people talking about whether they agree or disagree with the methods of the brothers vigilante actions.

This may be an older movie, but I found it to be very entertaining and I would definitely recommend it to those who may not have seen it before. I give this a big thumbs up and 5 stars out of 5.

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2 thoughts on “StevenF Review of The Boondock Saints

  1. Remmy Meggs

    Although this is an older movie many of you will love to see Norman Reedus before he became a zombie killer. Action suspense and downright blow out killing is what this movie is all about, and they only killed bad guys, Mother Mary!

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