StevenF Review of Standoff

Standoff is a thriller/action movie which was released on February 26, 2016. It stars Thomas Jane as a tormented man, Laurence Fishburne as a hit man, and Ella Ballentine as a twelve-year-old orphaned girl who photographs a murder. The girl seeks protection at a seemingly deserted house while being chased by Fishburne.

The story line was very good and there were scenes that kept me on the edge of my seat. All of the actors did a great job. The director was also very good. The main problem I had with the film was the excessive use of profanity, especially around a twelve year-old girl. I know action movies use profanity, but the dialogue had a bit too much of it in it. Thomas Jane played a tormented father who felt responsible for the death of his son and he was very sympathetic. Fishburne, as the hit man, was good as evil incarnate. If I had to point out any weaknesses in the film, it would be the young sheriff who stumbles across the standoff. Many of his actions were illogical.

This was worth watching as an action film. There were some bloody scenes but they weren’t really gory. I give this thriller 4 stars out of 5.

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1 thought on “StevenF Review of Standoff

  1. Remmy

    Sometimes you just know you are going to be murdered, especially when you see something as horrible as this, and you know the culprit is coming for you. You also better hope that your Sheriffs Department deputies aren’t as stupid as this. well, you know how that goes.

    I found this movie to be very intense, and very gruesome, I mean there wasn’t even any gore and it was gruesome

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