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This film, Small Town Crime was released on January 19, 2018, and it was produced by Olivia Spencer. It deals with alcoholic ex-cop Mike Kendall (John Hawkes) who discovers a battered girl’s body. When he is told that she has died, he decides to discover her murderer. His brother-in-law Teddy Banks (Anthony Anderson) tries to discourage him but he refuses to give up. Through his investigation, he puts himself and his friends in danger.

The storyline was good and it flowed well. The problem that was a disruption of the story was that too much focus was put on Kendall’s alcoholism. This tended to make the story a bit preachy. There are better and shorter ways of getting this point across. The acting was believable and the two leads did a good job. Olivia Spencer also was in the film as Teddy’s wife. For a crime movie, there were plenty of gun battles and blood, but these scenes were toned down by the fact that a lot of these were shot during the night. It lessened the impact for those who like their crime dramas with blood and guts (as usually seen in Tarantino films).

I, for one, like to see some humorous scenes when I watch these sort of movies, but there was none except maybe for the final scene that was interspersed with the end credits. I did like the opening/closing song for the film which was “Good Times” by Eric Burdon and The Animals. I would watch it again but not soon. As for a recommendation for others to watch, I don’t see why not. It is rated R for violence and mature content. If they had put less emphasis on the main character’s alcoholism, I might have given this 4 stars out of five. However, because of this, I will only give it 3 1/2 stars.

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2 thoughts on “StevenF Review of Small Town Crime w/ Trailer

  1. admin

    First, let me say that I liked this film, but I will not spend time buying it or watching it again. The first forty-five or so minutes of this film tells us about a drunk ex-cop and how he lost his badge, which could have been done in less than three minutes. Although he will always remain a drunk, he wants his badge back, after all, that is about the only thing he has trained for all his life. The powers that be know this and refute anything he tries to do.

    Although there was plenty of shooting and bad guy violence near the end of the film, as Steven says, it is shot in the dark and you do not really see anything at all, except shapes moving around. After a prostitute’s murder, her grandfather wants the killer. In steps our protagonist, seemingly at odds with police detectives the entire time. I would rate this 3 out of 5.

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