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The science fiction movie Skyline was released on November 12, 2010. Jerrod (Eric Balfour) and his girlfriend, while visiting a friend (Donald Faison) in Los Angeles, find themselves trapped in a penthouse during an alien invasion. They try to find a way to get to the marina, hoping that the aliens won’t attack a small boat on the water.

From what I read, most of the actors in this film have worked mostly in TV, which is not to say that they’re terrible. The point is that I only knew one of them, Donald Faison, and he was on a comedy series. The acting was good as was the CGI. There were some points in the story line that did not make sense, which weakened the film. On the positive side, the action scenes were good and tense, although not bloody. That’s because it was rated PG-13.

If you want to watch a sci-fi movie with decent action and battle scenes, then you will enjoy this movie. I like sci-fi, but this is not good enough for me to want it in my collection. I rate this 3 stars out of 5, mainly due to some weak plot points.

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