Room was released on 15 October 2015 and is a Canadian/Irish/USA production. The story deals with an all too familiar subject: abduction of children. Joy (Brie Larson) plays a girl who was abducted at 17 years of age and  was a captive for seven years. During that time, she gave birth to a baby boy named Jack (Jacob Tremblay) whose father was his mother’s abductor.

This is a drama which focuses on the world inside a shed and outside as seen by Jack. This gives a child’s perspective on what he perceives as reality and what he perceives as fantasy. Larson, as Ma, is very good portraying a woman who is protective of her child.  She also finds a good balance between staying sane and losing it due to her captivity. No matter what level of intensity is going on around Jack, he seems to handle it much better than his mother does.

Joan Allen, as Jack’s grandmother, is excellent as a woman who tries to express her love for her daughter and grandson through a quiet patience. William H. Macy makes an appearance as Jack’s grandfather who seems to have trouble expressing his feelings about the whole situation. There is not much in the way of a soundtrack and the music that is used is not very evocative. The cinematography is very well done and the flow of the story goes well.

I will give Room 4 stars out of 5. My main complaint is the lackluster sound track. It avoids being considered a “woman’s movie” simply by the fact that it is shot from the 5 year old boy’s point of view. I would watch it again, but I don’t think I would purchase it for my collection.

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2 Thoughts on “StevenF Review of Room

  1. Remmy2013 on August 15, 2018 at 9:40 am said:

    Okay this is one I have to see!

  2. pauly10 on August 15, 2018 at 10:25 am said:

    This looks really good and I want to watch it!

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