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The Spanish film Mirage was released on March 22, 2019. Two electrical storms occur 25 years apart but they create two different realities. In 1989, 12-year old Niko (Julio Bohigas-Couto) is making a video tape when suddenly a woman (Adriana Ugarte) appears on his TV screen claiming to be from the future. She warns him not to go check his neighbors’ suspicious behavior or he will die. A lightening strike causes the TV to knock her unconscious and when she wakes, her world has changed.

The acting was very good and so was the story line. There were a couple twists which surprised me. There was also a good amount of tension. Another plus for me was that the film was dubbed in English. Ugarte was believable as a woman who is desperate to return to her husband and child. She manages to convince Inspector Leyna (Chico Darin) that she is not totally crazy and he reluctantly agrees to help her.

This film has some science fiction features, but I would tend to classify it as a drama. It is very much worth watching. If I have any complaints about this film, it is that it is over 2 hours long. There are some things that might have been cut out without messing up the flow of the story. I rate it 4 stars out of 5.

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2 thoughts on “StevenF Review of Mirage

  1. Remmy Meggs

    Eerie is not the word for this. First is it possible, yes, maybe it will not be probable but that deals with what you believe. The boy in the movie, Nico was excellent, and the entire cast was over the top believable. The directing and editing were superb as well as the photography, I rate this 5 out of 5, if you want goosebumps this is a film for you!

  2. PaulM

    This was better than what I was expecting and I genuinely felt concerned about Nico, the young boy. (I did have an idea about his identity in the future though)

    Admittedly, the movie could have been a little bit shorter by editing out certain parts, but definitely 5/5 from me. 🙂

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