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The horror film Mercy Black was released on March 30, 2019. Marina Hess (Daniella Pineda) is released by her doctor (Janeanne Garofalo) from a mental institute 15 years after she participated in the ritual murder of a friend. She goes to live with her sister (Elle LeMont) and 8-year old nephew (Miles Emmons). Soon the family is haunted by Mercy Black, the entity that Marina believed in.

When I watch a horror film, I tend to expect a fair amount of blood. This film focused more on tension and sanity rather than blood and gore. The acting, directing, and photography were all good. The main problem with the movie was the editing. Some things didn’t seem to make sense. Was Mercy Black a real creature or was she just a creation of a little girl’s mind? This story just didn’t seem to know which way to go.

I really wish that I could say that this was a great horror story, but I can’t. With the help of a better editor it might have become a classic. I can only give this 3 stars out of 5 mainly for the good acting job that Ms. Pineda, Ms.LeMont, and cute little Miles Emmons did.

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