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The Disney film John Carter was released on March 9, 2012. It is based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs story A Princess of Mars. John Carter (Taylor Kitsch) is a Civil War veteran running away from the US cavalry. He enters a cave, discovers gold, and is attacked by a strange man. Carter ends up being transported to Barsoom, i.e. Mars. Daryl Sabara (Spy Kids series) plays Edgar Rice Burroughs, and Willem Dafoe voices the Thark leader Tars Tarkas.

Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins) escapes from an unwanted marriage and is taken by the Tharks where she meets John Carter. Dejah thinks Carter can help her but he is only interested in getting back to Earth.

There is plenty of action and intrigue in this film. There are also some humorous lines, as well as an alien guard dog named Wolla. The CGI in this film and the story line itself were done well. The director did a good job in keeping the story flowing. I have read Burroughs’ Barsoom Stories and believe this version followed the original. I can recommend this film for those who are fans of Burroughs and those who enjoy one of the early classics of science fiction. I give this 4.5 stars out of 5.

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