StevenF Review of Girls with Balls

The French film Girls with Balls was released on July 26, 2019. A women’s volleyball team and their coach get lost on their way to a game. They find themselves among a group of psychotic hunters, i.e. French hillbillies who have a taste for human flesh.

There is nothing positive that I can really say about this movie. The acting wasn’t too bad but who cares? The story line was ridiculous. There was plenty of bloody scenes but the blood looked more like defrosted Jello. The dubbing was decent, but the swear words were used too much.

So far, this has to be rated as the worst movie I have seen. If I could, I would give it a negative rating, but since I can’t I’ll give it 1 star out of five. A total waste of time.

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2 thoughts on “StevenF Review of Girls with Balls

  1. Remmy Meggs

    I couldn’t believe that they were going to show 30+-year-old women with boy parts. I was not dissapointed LOL. Nope, no such thing. This is a French film and they must have a strange view of American films. Think they have been watching the wrong ones? I do. I rate this a great big 1 out of 5. It isn’t even funny.

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