Death Note was released on August 25, 2017. It is based on a Japanese manga book.  Light Turner  (Nat Wolff) is a loner whose father is a policeman, played by Shea Whigham. Light obtains a mysterious and creepy book called Death Note. Ryuk (Jason Liles; voiced by Willem Dafoe) is a strange entity who promises to wreak revenge on anyone Light writes into the book. L (Lakeith Stanfield) is a specially trained detective who works with Light’s father.

Overall, I would say that the acting was good and the storyline was interesting. Ryuk, the evil entity, was not really as scary as one might expect. There were enough scenes with lots of blood and this was one thing which made me think of Japanese comics. I don’t really read them, but I have seen enough shows on TV to get an idea of what the Japanese would consider gory. Ryuk did have some funny lines which I suppose is to make him seem lovable in a way. Another character which was played well was Mia, Light’s girlfriend. She was portrayed by Margaret Qualley.

There are some goofs in some scenes and continuity. I won’t give any away, but you can make a game of it and see how many you catch. I will give one freebie. At least 90% of movies which have teenagers, the actors are usually way older. This is one thing that irritates me about these sort of movies. I would rate this five stars, but I am tempted to subtract a star because of the age discrepancies. I, however, will not because no matter what I say, older actors will always get those parts.

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2 Thoughts on “StevenF Review of Death Note

  1. Remmy2013 on September 25, 2018 at 10:56 pm said:

    Nate Wolf is a name I grew up with watching The Naked Brothers Band, very cheesy to say the least, but what can I say, I was a KID! Although he lost his looks, at almost 25, playing a teenager was hard to swallow, He has more arm hair than I have all over my body.

    My complaint against Hollywood is that you would get the idea that the only people that can act are of the Jewish faith, yes I said it and I mean it. Start using actors and actresses that fit the part instead of some Jewish boy, one case in point is Boy in the Striped Pajamas, are you serious? A Jewish boy playing a German boy whose father has him gassed? You all are nuts. That movie was wrong on so many levels I can’t count them. The same for this movie. It just doesn’t ring true not because Nate Wolf is a bad actor, but because you Hollywood are too stupid. Most of us can see thru it, and I for one am tired of it.

    Other than that, the movie was good, enjoyable and had a little blood, no gore at all, some foul language. 4/5

  2. That does look quite good, even though I don’t like scary movies. I do know one thing though, if that book lands near me I would be safe 😉

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