StevenF Review of At First Light

At First Light was released on March 10, 2018. A small town girl (Kate Burton) is abducted by lights in the sky and returns with strange powers. She is protected and helped by her ex-boyfriend Sean (Theodore Pellerin). When government officials come after Kate, they both try to escape, but fail.

The film goes at a decent pace and the story line is consistent. The acting wasn’t horrible and there were some good moments. Unfortunately, as with most science fiction stories, the science is weak and inaccurate. The CGI for the alien lights was good. The director did a fairly decent job and the sound track was appropriate but a bit boring.

Now, as for my criteria: 1)No, I would not buy it, 2) I really wouldn’t willingly watch it again, and 3) I would recommend it, but with a caveat. If you are a hard core science fiction fan, you might enjoy this film. I give it props for the lack of foul language. I give it 3 1/2 stars out of 5.

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