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The British drama/fantasy About Time was released on November 8, 2013. When a father (Bill Nighy) tells his son (Domhnall Gleeson) the family secret, which is that all male members of the family can travel back in time. The restriction is that they can only travel through the time period of their existence.

I suppose that, on paper, this sounded like a good film concept. The actors were decent as were the photography and direction, however the film was 2 hours and 3 minutes long. There were some scenes that could have been shortened and it would not have affected the story. There were occasional bits of humor, mostly by Mr. Nighy and Mr. Gleeson. This felt like what a white male Romance writer would come out with. A bit too much mush filler.

The concept of a time loop film has been used before. The only other one I watched was Groundhog’s Day with Bill Murray and I was bored with the repetition. The time loop element here was done better, but the length of the film killed it for me. I would not add this to my collection. I give it 3 stars out of 5.

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2 thoughts on “StevenF Review of About Time

  1. Remmy Meggs

    As most of you know I am not a sci-fi person. I think that is odd since I rate sci-fi movies higher than our two sci-fi gurus Steve and Paul. I guess it is because of my lack of science background and I watch movies to enjoy them.

    Because of the premise of the time travel in this, there was no real science. Which made it easy to watch. Yet I found it too long and boring. The time stuff was great however and a boy trying to get his first love was super, of course, he kept messing that up.

    There was however an overabundance of sickly looking red-headed people.

    3 stars out of 5 from me

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