The time does not matter, that is a matter of your beliefs, however, the temperature of the earth had risen to an average of 59 degrees. The ice age as we know it was over, and however man survived it, they did.

This is near the beginning of man himself. Pangaea or the “Garden Of Paradise” could have been around for millions if not billions of years. If you believe in the Tree of Knowledge, then you believe in the Tree of Life. If man and animals ate from the Tree of Life, then they too could have lived millions, if not billions of years.

If you believe in evolution, then the same applies.

Pauls Review of Saving Tomorrow

StevenF Review of Saving Tomorrow

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Meet young Air, he was not a hunter or a warrior, but he had the talent to see what others could not see.

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The films below are what the book is based on. Fact or fiction, it doesn’t matter. Mankind ignores facts and believe only what they want.

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History of Saving Tomorrow

Began writing March 2012

Cover created June 2012

Oct 20 2016 Editing is Finished

Nov 2 2016 Cover and Title Change

Pre-orders for autographed copies went on sale May 23. 2016

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Proof Dinosaurs did not go extinct 65,million years ago

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