Remmy’s review of The Outsider


The Outsider June 14, 2019, Not Rated, so I will give it a PG-13 rating because of violence. There are many movies called The outsider so if you are looking for one, make sure it is the one you want to see. This features Trace Adkins as the sheriff, Sean Flannery as Chris King, who I now recognize in the movie. but didn’t at first. and a walk-on role with Danny Trejo.

The town is turned on edge by the sheriff’s son played by Kaiwi Lyman. The sheriff tries to keep everything under control except when it comes to his son. There is a lot of gunplay. and a small amount of gore but nothing to detract from the movie.

As far as Flannery goes, either he has gained a lot of weight or they did a very good makeup job on him The acting was great, the photography was excellent. The other day I wondered why I liked westerns so much. It was not the time period, it is not really the actors, it sure wasn’t the old-time pistols and rifles. Oddly enough I watch these westerns to see the horses. Yes, I am a horse lover. They are magnificent animals.

I rate this movie 4 out of 5 stars because I thought they could have done much better on the script.

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