Remmy’s take on butt-faces


We all have one best friend or relative that seems to always be a butt-face. Well, I have a butt-face friend too and I want to point him out to you. His name is Paul, and since we were twelve and thirteen respectively he has always messed up just about everything. You know how they are, but you have to have them around to bring laughter and giggles to about every moment of your life. What would you do without your best friend being a butt-face?

My butt-face happens to be from England. Notice the clip has the British Broadcasting Company Logo on it.

We met when I was twelve, I am 29 now, and he is just shy of being the ripe old age 30. Don’t be afraid, he is a Science teacher (mostly physics) but he is even a butt-face about that.

It cost Paul’s father a fortune for plastic surgery. You can imagine putting eyes and a mouth and nose on that face of his. I mean a fortune, remember that big bank robbery in England? The only reason they let Paul’s dad go free is that they saw Paul and felt sorry for the man. (Okay not seriously but it is still funny.)

After all the surgeries. He still looks and acts the same. Oh it is okay with me, I am used to it, but boy to we get the stares when we go shopping. I always tell him it is because I am so short, but we know better.

So when you have a butt-face to deal with, just love them and hope for the best, after all you know you need them if for nothing else that laugh factor.

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4 thoughts on “Remmy’s take on butt-faces

    1. Remmy Meggs Post author

      I think bunny butt is a cute name unless of course you have diarrhea and have poop all over your backside. The name Tater tot, for me. seems like something a cannibal would name a snack! Oh yeah, you do eat pork!

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