Remmy’s Take on BOY Bands!

Are boy Bands what you think they are? No Matter your age, listen to the truth!
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3 thoughts on “Remmy’s Take on BOY Bands!

  1. PaulM

    I would agree in the most part, but I think a boy-band refers to a group of teenagers or early twenties where they all contribute to the singing in some form or other. Some of the bands you mention I suppose do fall into this genre. If I had to choose Dream Street would probably class as my favourite as I heard their songs when Remmy played them 🙂

  2. Steven Fritchie

    I do agree with your definition of boy band. There was also NSync and Boys to Men. These types of bands are very popular in some Asian countries, especially South Korea. Some bands would cringe at the use of this term, such as The Sex Pistols who were a boy band by this definition. A lot of punk bands started with 14-17 year old musicians. Granted they may not have been the best musicians but they did seek to improve their skills.
    With all of this said, I would have to say that The Beatles and Rolling Stones are my favorites. Today’s boy bands may have good singers, but I sometimes feel that they are exploited by management.

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