Many years ago I started posting the below photograph, but the photograph did not go viral. It should have. Around the world thousands of children die each day. More children die each day than the total number of soldiers on earth.

Some will say starvation, some will say lack of medical. Yet in Ecuador and other South American countries police shoot children raiding trash bins for food, like they were rats.

In Africa and Muslim nations children are killed so they cannot vote someday, others are put on the front lines of battles to die as if they never lived. Girls are used once and murdered.

Yet, all the children of the world have one thing in common. Most of the people who are supposed to take care of them, teach them, feed them all use foul language.

Now you can say it isn’t true, you can say that my facts are wrong, or you can admit your guilt, stop using foul language, not only verbally, but in books and movies, television and other venues. You will not see results right away, but over several years you will. You may say well I have freedom of speech. . . Freedom of speech stops when you are killing children.

To kick off this campaign I need you to download and post this photo to every author, movie producer, writer, personal friends and anytime you see someone killing a child. After all, bad words, cursing, foul language to not help any movie, book, or other source become better, it just demeans them, and kills children.

If YOU can impact the internet, maybe it will save thousands of lives. We may not be able to save every child, but this is a good start.



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One Thought on “Remmys – Save the Children Campaign Begins

  1. You are absolutely right, foul language does not improve a movie. Some could argue that it does show the emotions of the person saying it, but this could also be shown in a different way.
    It is also now deemed acceptable to use bad language in movies that are for kids/teens which pretty much sums up the way society is unfortunately. Don’t get me wrong I do swear at times, but that doesn’t mean its the right thing to do!

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