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hatefuleightI don’t care for Quentin Tarantino or his movies. STOP! They are foul, full of comic book bloodshed, and . . . erase all that, I may not care for his movies, but overall I do like some of them, yet they are all foul.

The Hateful Eight does not change that. By making scenes that he is calling Chapters he tries to push himself as an author. He is not an author, an author doesn’t need to down-grade humanity like Tarantino does. He is a screenwriter, and he is a good one.

Did I say his movies were foul? Well they are. The Hateful Eight was foul and full of racism. Although it does occur shortly after the ‘war between the states’ ends, so maybe with poor people in the country at the time, what am I saying? The current Republicans (Tories in the UK) are just as bad with their mouths and hatred as this movie. It was more bloody that most horror films. How they got away with an “R” rating is beyond me, more like x-rated.

Kurt Russell does well,  Samuel Jackson gave an over the top performance, Michael Madsen was more of a walk on part,  Bruce Dern I am sure had a better part, maybe they cut it out because it didn’t make a lot of sense why he was even there. Channing Tatum (is that his real name?)  was more of a walk on role as well. I must say that what happens to some of these people is gross, but still entertaining, well, if you can call it entertainment.

Overall the acting was fine, the directing was above par for Mr. Tarantino, the photography and sound were way above average for a Tarantino film. At the end of the movie, as if there were not enough surprises, there was a song. There was no mistaking the voice, and I recognized it right away. The singer was like four generations before me, yet there it was, singing a song I had never heard before. Just this song alone makes the movie worth watching. If the song doesn’t move you in any way, you are cold blooded.

I rate the movie 4.5 stars out of five. The reason being is the foul language and racism. I have never rated a Tarantino film that high before.

2 Thoughts on “Remmy’s Review The Hateful Eight w/ Trailer

  1. pauly10 on April 9, 2016 at 6:15 am said:

    Another movie I probably won’t watch…but it does look cool for a western!

  2. The fact that it is a Quentin Tarantino film is enough for me not to want to see it. If there were a few scenes of sex, then it would have been rated X. I assume that there weren’t any. I do like Kurt Russell, Samuel L. Jackson, and Bruce Dern, but the subject matter does not interest me. Quentin Tarantino is to violent movies as Michael Moore is to documentaries: condescending and predictable. I will pass on this one.

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