Remmy’s Review of Then Came You

Then Came You, 1 February 2019, Rated PG, Asa Butterfield (A list of films including Boy in the Striped Pajamas) as Calvin, and Maisie Williams (Ayra Game of Thrones) as Sky. This is a loving but bittersweet film about two late teens that meet at a group session for those dying.

There is plenty of comic relief, as Calvin thinks he is dying of all sorts of maladies. Sky who is dying takes Calvin under her wing and shows him how life should be led. Not always the most appropriate, but still fun.

Some people may find this film a little slow in parts, but it is not, it is trying to show you what people go through in their last days. Sky is making a list (that she keeps adding to) that she wants to accomplish before she passes on.

To accomplish that list, she must get Calvin to go along with her. After all, he needs it just as much as she does.

The acting, especially by Sky was above par, the photography and directing were great, the editing was fine. This is a movie you really need to see, but bring tissues. 4 out of 5 stars from me.

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