Remmy’s Review of The Stronghold

This is a Ukrainian SciFi/Fantasy film, October 2017, and yes it has subtitles, which was good since I cannot speak Ukrainian.

The movie starts out quickly enough, and escalates from there. A boy who loses it anytime he is high up and actually wets himself is sent back one thousand years in time. Too bad for him, his best friend is in the correct time about ready to fall to his death because our protagonist was too afraid to get close to the edge of a gorge. Not only that the class is on a field trip to see a solar eclipse.

There are multiple scenes going on at the same time, in a logical order. You may find it hard to follow the language with the subtitles because it moves too fast, but that shouldn’t bother you, in this case you can tell what is happening just from the film itself.

Of course, there are bad guys and evil men. Daniil Kamenskyi (17 at the time of the filming but looks like 14) plays our young protagonist well. I was more than surprised. The story itself is different than I ever imagined, I expected a remake of some Disney film, and it is not, this is a heartwarming film that is actually believable, except for the fantasy parts.

A good beginning and a great ending and the middle was superb. CGI, acting, Directing, and story alike were over the top. 5 out of 5 stars from me.

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