Remmy’s Review of The Saint

The Saint 11 July 2017, Not Rated. We need a little history on this one. The Saint was originally written in 1920. This is important because other writers used this as a base for their books, Batman (1930), James Bond (1951) are two of them. Simon Templar, The Saint, watches his parents murdered in their mansion. He is raised an orphan of course, which is where this version of the movie fails. In the books, everything is explained, but they took that out of the movie.

This is not the first book written with this theme, as we can go back in history and see many books of the same genre’ however this is the first book to get a worldwide audience in a short amount of time. Leslie Charles Bowyer-Yin known by his pen name Leslie Charteris wrote this, and I for one found it fascinating. This movie lets you see how writers mimic each other when they don’t have original ideas, and based on Vampire stories alone, I prove my point.

As for the movie, it was exciting, the acting was great, the photography was great. but there were problems with the movie. The script writers need to learn how things are done in real life, it lacked in that department. For instance, there are wounded or dead people around and when the police arrive they pay no attention to those people. Odd to say the least since those people had automatic weapons and if still alive could hurt a lot of people, not to mention they may have needed first aid.

Simon Templar is a modern-day filthy rich good guy that does some not so sweet things. He only kills when trying to survive, but his actions show that he does not need to kill at all, and two, he steals only from bad guys, and then only to pay for his cars and mansion, well and sometimes he donated to organizations to help others, but based on this movie, it was only when there was an agreement for it.

This movie and several of the books have been remade several times over the years with actors including Roger Moore (1962) and Val Kilmer (1997). This is without a doubt a modern Spy movie, without the spies.

I rate this movie 4 out of 5 stars taking off for the bad script writing.

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2 thoughts on “Remmy’s Review of The Saint

  1. Steven Fritchie

    One reason the police may not have checked the bodies was they apparently were not moving, like a wounded person might,or if they were playing possum, so they assumed they were dead. They may have already checked the bodies, but that part was edited out.
    Another thing, which I agree was not clear, was did the Saint inherit his money and therefor was able to just donate the money he took from the bad guys? A lot of the holes in this story could be attributed to editing. It was, however, a good action film.

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