Remmy’s review of The Mummy Returns


The Mummy Returns, 4 May 2001, rated PG-13. The original The Mummy! was written by a Science fiction writer (at the time there was no such word as science fiction 1827). Imagine a modern horror classic written in 1827. The writer was a woman by the name of Jane C. Loudon, 1807-1858.

To me, Freddie Boath (Alex) is the star of this film. Like so many children who make movies, over the top Freddie makes The Mummy Returns light, realistic, funny, serious as a cucumber and fun. Not before or since has the franchise done so well. Oddly Hollywood forgets these kids way too soon. A forerunner to Ty Simkins in Jurassic World, who did the same thing in that movie.

Also in the movie is Brendan Frasier as the dad. Rachel Weisz as the mother, John Hannah as the Uncle, Oded Fehr as, well as can be expected. There is a slew of other cast members.

Since I did not live in that age of Pharaohs, I have to assume this was well thought out, and it seems very realistic from what *I* know, which isn’t a lot. I do have my doubts about the princess and the Pharoah’s wife being guards in a tomb for twelve hours a day… nope not happening. Yet there are over one hundred and forty plot errors in it if you want to take the time and count then.

We, on the other hand, talk about the movie and not the errors. Other than that I found no problems with the film and I enjoyed it. 5 out of 5 stars from me.

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2 thoughts on “Remmy’s review of The Mummy Returns

  1. Steven Fritchie

    I enjoyed this movie because I am a Brendan Frazier fan. I am also interested in anything dealing with ancient Egypt. I know there was a princess name Ankhasamun, but I believe she died before her teen years. There were enough action and adventure in this film to keep it interesting and Freddie Boath was realistic as a child who grew up in an academic family.

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